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We develop e-commerce applications and websites for small, medium and large scales businesses to help them generate higher sales and revenues. We have expertise in creating user friendly, safe and secure online shopping websites and applications. Our e-commerce solutions focus on customer engagement and conversion. Hence we help you generate revenue through online sales and marketing.


Electronic commerce (e-commerce) refers to the selling or buying products or services; or making transactions through electronic media using Internet.

IMGNRS is a company that offers ecommerce Website Designing, responsive Website Development, SEO Services, online marketing, Responsive Web site Development and various other marketing related services. IMGNRS is well known E-commerce Website Design Development Company in Pune and Mumbai. Our ecommerce solutions have all basic features required to run a successful online selling business. They are made using appropriate security methods (HTTPS / SSL). Security is of prime importance for any ecommerce website which helps to build trust for clients.

E-commerce or Web-based marketing allows customers to do more than just learn about you - it enables and encourages them to do BUSINESS with you, right at that moment. Regardless of time or the device they're using.

Feature and functionality-rich content management systems:
  • Shopping carts (including order auto-ship, up-sell, cross-sell, reviews)
  • Monetary transactions
  • Live-chat customer services
  • Customer relations management
  • Prospect qualification
  • Affiliate programs
  • Digital asset management
  • Tablet-based sales force tools

If as an individual or business, you need to interact or transact with customers, prospects, vendors, subcontractors, employees, the media, your community; we specialise in developing and designing such applications that allow you make a safe, interactive and secure connection.
Online shopping is rapidly growing in India and across the world. Many new and emerging entrepreneurs have started and are running e-commerce shops successfully. There are also several solutions for budding e-commerce vendors. Some of these help you get started with selling online within a matter of hours, while others might require months of development. Technology or applications used for online shopping basically depend on the type of the products or services sold by the company and the type of audience targeted. A solution that suits well for a multi-category e-commerce portal with a big product catalogue will be overkill for a small site with handful of products.

We have built numerous innovative and creative online business platforms for our clients, with unique selling models. We have built site for manufacturers to take their wares online, publishers to sell across the world in multiple currencies, and for vendors with creative business models that mix in-site sales with external affiliates within a single platform.
Selling online involves exchange of money online through banks and payment gateways. We have integrated a wide variety of payment gateways for our customers, and are conversant with the nitty-gritties of dealing with several payment gateway vendors and support teams. We keep in mind the security factor and according develop applications. We can make the whole process of e-commerce less complicated by sitting down with you and planning & explain the different stages. We would learn about your business model, and then apply what we have learnt through the years to your specific needs. We can also advise on the best payment gateway solutions for your specific requirements.

Considerations for E-Commerce sites:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Management
  • Marketing Promotions and Tools
  • International Support
  • Sign-in & log out (Customer Accounts)
  • Shipping
  • Payment
  • Order Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Catalogue Browsing
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Content Management (CMS) Components
  • Security

While we use third party e-commerce applications like Magneto and content management systems like Concrete5, we're not afraid to modify those applications or even create custom applications from the ground up if that's what your needs call for.


With nearly 21% of the worlds top 100,000 e-commerce sites are built on Magento platform, it is one of the most popular and one of the best ecommerce CMS being used today. Its biggest advantages are the large number of plugins and extensions available which allow the addition of any new functionality, the ease of availability of experienced developers as well as a lower overall development and maintenance cost.

  • Robust platform with a high level of functionality and customizability
  • Large number of marketplace extensions available
  • Highly active community for assistance with tutorials and troubleshooting options
  • More SEO-friendly as compared to most other platforms


osCommerce is a fairly popular platform as well, with about 11% of the top 100,000 sites built on open source technologies using osCommerce. Being one of the earliest open-source platforms available, it has a huge support base and a very active forum, though some users find that updates to the platform have not kept up with the times.

  • Easy installation and an easy-to-use interface
  • Active forum with a large support base
  • Large number of plugins and add-ons allowing the addition of most functionalities


Opencart is another open source CMS for ecommerce. Though it has one of the easiest to use backends, its support systems are not as comprehensive as compared to the other platforms listed.

  • Easy to use back-end
  • Feature rich with large number of plug-ins.

Woo Commerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin used for building ecommerce websites on the WordPress platform. A large number of WordPress themes have the WooCommerce functionality built-in. The plugin provides almost all the features that are available in the other open sources CMS listed here. WooCommerce might work out more user-friendly and cost-effective for smaller businesses as well as for those familiar with WordPress.

  • Easy setup WordPress requires very little time to get familiar
  • Runs on Wordpess so does not have powerful servers requirements
  • Good number of lower-priced add-ons and themes available
  • Huge WordPress support community

Drupal Commerce

Drupal is the second most-used open source website content management system after WordPress and Drupal commerce is the plugin for ecommerce sites built on this platform. Its seamless integration with Drupal makes creating a blog or forum much more convenient than most other ecommerce content management systems.

  • Seamless integration with the Drupal CMS framework gives it an edge over other platforms when it comes to blog integration and content marketing
  • Allows for easy implementation of SEO strategy.
Benefits of having ecommerce website
Cost Effective

The entire financial transactions will eventually become electronic, so sooner conversion is going to be lower on cost. It makes every transaction through e-commerce payment a lot cheaper. Also its can be used by a great number of customers and eventually bring more business.

Quick Comparison

E-commerce also enables customers to compare price among several providers. In the end, it leads them to smart shopping. They can save more money while they shop and so find e-commerce more convenient.

Higher Margin

E-commerce also enables one to move better with higher margin for more business safety. Higher margin also means business with more control as well as flexibility. You can also save time from the e-commerce.

Economy Benefit

E-commerce saves a lot of money for both the service provider as well as for customers. It allows us to make transaction without any needs on stores, infrastructure investment, and other common things we find. Companies only need well-built website and customer service.

Better Productivity

Productivity here means productivity for both companies and customers. People like to find answers online because it is faster and cheaper, and it costs a lot cheaper expense as well for the company. Also there are times when customers just dont want go outside to get products or services, this is a convenient and time saving way.


“We really appreciated Clay’s hands-on approach as well as their ability to contribute not just with design but with the overall idea of the project.”